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You certainly know the problem: You are on vacation, want to relax and you quickly realize that the costs for the airport transfer are skyrocketing. This is clearly annoying, but it doesn't have to go that far.

3Now are your airport transfer & limousine service, where you get an individual service. We are always close by, so we are there for you quickly.


3Now are your airport transfer & limousine service, where you get an individual service. We are always close by, so we are there for you quickly.


With us, your vacation or business trip becomes a relaxed affair, where you lean back and don't have to leave anything to chance.

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who are we

After the success of our company in the field of taxi service, passenger delivery, direct and scheduled mail delivery services in Germany over 4 years, we gained experience in which we were able to provide a distinguished service, characterized by speed, accuracy and quality through qualified cadres and excellent cars with high quality. High standards of safety, and that we at "3now" are always looking for everything new, and in a constant quest for development and spread, we decided to enter a new success experience, and transfer this experience to the Middle East, and the beginning was from Egypt, to try to cover a number of From other Arab countries in the future, we at “3now” seek to gain the trust of our customers, through seriousness and sincerity in work and commitment to transparency with customers and drivers, our goal in the first place is to guarantee the rights of all parties that deal with our company from “clients and drivers”, which is reflected in the benefit on all parties.

3Now Advantages

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The price includes the waiting time at the airport
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Verified drivers who are experienced and provide a bespoke service
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You can cancel planned trips free of charge up to 6 hours before the start of the trip
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There are no hiding costs
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The cancellation is free of charge for you
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You drive with a fixed price

Taxi ordering service

3now service requesting a taxi in the direct trip is by the customer requesting the taxi directly from the application by specifying the starting point of the trip and the destination to be reached, and the customer can change the starting point for only two times, in addition to the possibility of making the trip in two stages, there is another address that connects between The start and end point, and upon reaching the first destination, the captain waits for the user, provided that the first three minutes of waiting are free, and then the captain starts calculating the waiting period, in addition to the customer’s ability to know the cost of the trip when ordering the next trip. The customer requests a taxi from the application by clicking on the next trip button and specifying the date and time of the trip at any time he wants within 24 hours after registering the request. In both cases, the customer gets all the information related to the trip, such as the date of the request, the name of the captain, the name and type of the car The cost of the trip, and the application provides the advantage of canceling the subsequent or scheduled trip in a period of no less than 6 hours before the scheduled date of the trip and recovering the fare, in return the fee cannot be restored When canceling the scheduled trip that has less than 6 hours left.

How to become a 3NOW Captain:

We welcome every ambitious captain, who has high efficiency and experience, who would like to join us, so that we can cover the largest possible area and provide our services to the largest possible number of customers. Join us in order to be partners in success. Conditions for joining: 1- The captain must be over 18 years old, 2- A driver’s license must be available, 3- A relatively modern mobile device capable of dealing with the necessary applications, 4- The car must be good and It is preferable that the date of manufacture (model) is not less than 2008. - To join the 3NOW team, download the application, then register your personal data, and once the application is approved, you will become part of our team. Receiving rides, after accepting your request to join our team, and you start receiving rides, and the starting point will appear upon receiving the request and you can accept it if you are available, or reject it.


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3Now . Application

3Now . Application

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